Sunday in Review – 9/16/18

Today the Wolfes hosted, Justin read the story, and Simeon preached the sermon.

The story–

Today we read about the Israelite people fighting in a war with the Philistines. The Philistine army captured the Ark of the Covenant. Eli died at ninety-eight upon hearing this news. The Philistines put the Ark of the Covenant in their temple by their god. When they came back, the statue of their god had fallen over and was bowing to the Ark. This happened multiple times and more people got sick and rats infested the city. Then they returned the Ark to Israel with a cart and two cows.

The sermon–

“Jesus Creed” by Scot McKnight

What does the Kingdom of God look like?

One chapter in Jesus Creed is entitled A Society of Justice.

What does justice mean? What do you think of when you hear the word justice?

  • a court
  • Rough justice
  • People getting what is coming to them

Two words in the Old Testament, mishpat and tsedeq mean justice, fairness, or righteousness.

In the Bible, justice is God’s will being done on Earth as is in Heaven.

Stephanie then read Luke 4:16-21 which is about Jesus’ Inaugural Address as some people call it.

April read Luke 19:1-10, the story of Zaccheus. What does that story mean to you?

  • Restoration
  • Justice

And Amanda read Luke 10:25-37, the story of the Good Samaritan. What do you notice about that story?

  • Important people ignore the wounded man
  • Samaritans were considered outcasts, yet he helped the wounded man.

Jesus wants us to see those opportunities and take them. Do them!

The Jesus Society is the Society of Joy!

It’s interesting that so much of what we, as humans and sinners want, don’t actually make us happy when we get it.

Simeon recommends a book, “Surprised by Joy” by C. S. Lewis

John 2 – Simeon read us one last story and then we closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Have a great Sunday! 🙂

Sunday in Review – 4/29/18

Today we met at the Franklin’s and Justin preached the sermon.

We read two chapters from our Bible story book today for the kids – we’re still reading the story of Jesus’ birth and heard about Joseph’s dreams and the trip to Bethlehem.

For the sermon we read John 14:1-14 and Justin talked about descriptions a Church might put on a sign. What would it mean to be:

  • Christ centered
  • Full Gospel
  • Faith
  • Grace
  • Bible Believing

We talked about the value in all of these descriptions and where we find our own center as a Church..

Sunday Review – 4/8/18

Hello, today we met at the Wolfes house, Simeon read the story, and Justin preached.

We started reading stories for the Childrenbased on the Gospel accounts. We read about about all the things that the prophets said about the coming of the baby. Then we read the story of the Angel Gabriel coming  to visit Mary. He declared that she was going to be the mother of the King and her cousin Elizabeth was going to have a baby too.

The sermon covered John 14:15 – 14:31 and we discussed Christian attitudes towards sin. Can we be perfect and cease from sinning?

Sunday in Review – 4/1/18

Happy Easter!

Today we had and abbreviated service, we met at the Franklin’s. We read together the story of the first Easter from John 20 – we picked up where we stopped at Communion on Good Friday.

We read about Mary Magdalene, Peter and John and the disciples encounters with the risen savior and how we encounter the risen Jesus. Happy Easter!

He has risen!

He has risen indeed!