Sunday in Review – 12/16/18

Today, the Wolfe’s hosted, Justin read the story, and Simeon preached.

The story–

David is still living in the cave with his men and they are hungry. They went to a rich farmer named Naval who lives nearby and he doesn’t help them, but his wife, Abigail does! Abigail sends food back with David and when Naval finds out, he has a heart attack and dies. Abigail then marries David.

The sermon–

“Jesus Creed” by Scot McKnight

Scot McKnight talks about believing, abiding, surrendering, and restoring.

This is the third week of Advent and the theme is joy. Gaudete! (rejoice!)

What does joy mean?

  • happiness (a lot of it)
  • happiness and peace
  • contentedness
  • a deeper happiness
  • a state or way of being
  • love

Joy is more than just eating a good burger or seeing a beautiful sunset. You can’t just be joyful on command.

Where does joy come in Scripture?

  • Mary’s Magnificat
  • Paul’s epistle
  • Philippians, “Rejoice in the Lord always, again, I say, rejoice!

We read….

  • Mary’s Magnificat; Luke 1:39-55
  • Luke 2:25-33

In these passages, Mary, Elizabeth, and Simeon are happy/joyful because they are part of God’s plan.

God is doing something that is bigger than us and it is for everybody!

Everyone has known Jesus is coming, but actually getting to personally be apart of the plan is truly amazing.

We should look for personal ways that help us feel more connected with God.

People who live the Jesus Creed will be restoring, “putting things back right”

We want to restore relationships with people and God. Apply the theme of restoring to yourself! Finally, we read Psalm 51.

Sunday in Review – 12/9/18

Today, the Franklin’s hosted, Simeon read the story, and Justin preached.

The (Advent) story–

Brother Angelo is tidying up the hermitage for Christmas! Brother Francis comes home and Brother Angelo tells him how three robbers came to the door for food, but he turned them away. Brother Francis rebukes Brother Angelo and Brother Angelo goes to find the robbers with some food. He finds them, gives them supper, and asks for their forgiveness. In a legend, it says that the three robbers later came down to the hermitage and lived there.

The sermon–

Today is the second week of Advent. It’s about peace and preparation.

  • Eliza read Isiah 40:1-5
  • The above passage is quoted in Luke 3
  • We also read a letter wrote roughly one thousand years ago by St. Bernard
  • Mark 14

God loves us and we can have peace that Jesus will come.

The coming of Jesus as a baby isn’t the only important coming. The other one is the coming of Jesus into our lives!

Sunday in Review – 12/2/18

Good morning! It’s December!! Today, the Wolfe’s hosted, Justin read the story, and Simeon preached. Big crowd today.

The story–

King Saul is jealous of David who is now in charge of 1000 soldiers. Saul threw a spear at David, but missed. He tries to kill him several other ways too, but never succeeds. Then David marries the king’s daughter, Michael. Jonathan helps David run away from Saul. David cuts a piece of Saul’s robe in a cave and Saul forgives David, but David and his men still don’t trust Saul.

The sermon–

“Jesus Creed” by Scot McKnight

We looked at the theme of surrendering today and talked Advent. This is the first Sunday of Advent. We focus on the coming of Jesus.

What does surrender mean?

  • give up
  • lay down

What context do you use it in?

  • war

What pops into your mind when you hear the word?

  • the hymn–I Surrender All

The word surrender is only found in the Bible a few times.

Josh read Mark 8:34-38

Surrender is submission to God’s will which we do daily when we say the Lord’s Prayer.

  • Mark read Mark 8:27-33
  • Stephanie read Luke 18:18-30

You have to give it all to God!

Do you want to surrender?

  • We read Philippians 2

God won’t ask you to do anything He wouldn’t do.

God will act as our Father. He knows what makes us happy. He knows what’s good for us.

How does this tie back to Advent?

This week’s theme is hope.

The Baby already came to Earth and now we’re waiting for Him to come back again!