We’re Starting a Church

As we’ve met together and discussed our beliefs and desires for a Church body we’ve condensed to a single sentence our vision for the kind of Church we feel called to be a part of:

I want to be part of an anabaptist* church committed to seeking the Kingdom in a cross-cultural manner while remaining theologically orthodox.

We encourage you to read more about what we feel called to. We’ve written a brief overview of a few areas that are important to us and that we feel describe the vision we have been given**.

We would like to meet folks who are interested in this vision. If you are interested in attending a new Church, if you’d like to help plant a new church as a missionary sent from your current fellowship, if you’re happy where you are but want to support us, or if you simply want to hear what we’re up to drop an email to:

justin@ekklesiamodesto.com or simeon@ekklesiamodesto.com

and we’ll update you with our meeting times.

– Simeon and Justin and families

*We appreciate the theological emphases that sprang from the radical reformation we know as anabaptism. Unfortunately, many people in the brethren traditions we grew up in associate anabaptism only with legalistic cultural practices – we encourage you to read our take on what makes a Church “anabaptist”.

** Click the links above or download and read as a pdf.