Sunday in Review – 8/28/18

Hello! Today the Franklin’s hosted church. Simeon read the kids story and Justin preached the sermon.

The story-

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus are back on the road to Nazareth, united once again! The next 18 years of Jesus’ life are wrote out in 1 verse — 28 words!

After this, John the Baptist comes and preaches and baptizes people. Jesus knows it is His time!

The sermon–

Justin recently listened to a biography on St. Francis of Assisi. (lots of plane time flying to France! 😉 )

We read some from Job 6 and then learned about St. Francis of Assisi…

  • Francis was not born a saint, but a warrior!
  • At one time, he fell sick before a battle and then received a vision from God to rebuild the church.
  • He went to court with his father and was named a ‘fool’
  • But appeared had a huge impact with his simple followers on Popes and rulers

Justin read some more about St. Francis and the had some Psalm reading and also read aloud Hebrews 12:28

You must remember that God is the reason for everything. He is the reason you are alive and living in this world!