Sunday in Review – 10/14/18

Today, the Franklin’s hosted, Simeon read the children’s story and Justin preached the sermon.

The Story–

Jesus is starting to do His Father’s work. He comes to the place where John is preaching and both times, John points Him out in the crowd. Andrew and John follow Jesus and become disciples. Then they bring Simon and Jesus re-names him Peter. After that, Philip and Nathaniel come to Jesus too. Jesus is starting His preaching ministry.

The Sermon–

Last week, we read about the anointing of Saul and this week, we started off the sermon by reading of David’s anointing. (1 Samuel 16)

What does it mean that God can see the inside of you?

  • He can see your thoughts
  • God looks at your character.
  • He can see your potential.

Again, God does not look at your outward beauty, but at your heart!

So how should that impact our daily life and what we do?

  • God will see your heart whether or not you’re actually¬†trying to glorify Him.
  • Psalm 139 — we can’t fool God, but we can fool ourselves.
  • There is no point in trying to pretty up the outside when the inside is the thing that needs the attention the most.

God is not judging our lives on how many people we bring to Him, or how much money we donate to the church or other causes.

God did not come to save the rich or beautiful. We should try to look at people the way God judges them.

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