Seeking The Kingdom

We believe that the Christian life is fundamentally not about the avoidance of sin, but the
headlong pursuit of our Father’s kingdom. As Christ’s brethren we are called to seek the
kingdom of our Father, rejecting not just our sin, but the order and systems of this world. “We willingly renounce Satan, and all his pernicious ways and practices of this world”.

As such, we see the role of the church is to demonstrate and advance the reality of Jesus’ Kingly rule over His people. The church stands as a testimony and witness to his reign that will be established over all things. The local church is an advance outpost of the Kingdom of God, surrounded by the world, ruled by love and loyalty to the King, and seeking the good of the kingdom rather than the glory of the outpost.

In practice this pursuit of the kingdom involves a willful disregard of this world and its systems. The church in America has adopted too much of Satan’s system and order, becoming a centerof wealth, political power, patriotism, moralism, and polished culture. The church seeking the kingdom of God views these as but the traps of the Satan, ensnaring the people of God.

Jesus said that that Love would be the the identifying characteristic of his disciples. Instead of the spirit of the age we will pursue radical brotherhood – deep and abiding love for our brothers and sisters across cultural, racial, and national boundaries. We will pursue radical generosity and hospitality. We will pursue peace with all men – turning the other cheek rather than responding with force and violence.